Periodontal Plastic Surgery Procedures

Periodontists are often considered the “plastic surgeons of dentistry”. If you are looking to improve your smile, a periodontist may be able to help you.

Procedures that may help improve the esthetic appearance of your gums and teeth may involve esthetic crown lengthening surgery, reshaping of the teeth and gum tissues, gum grafting procedures, or more.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening Surgery for the “Gummy Smile”

You may feel that your teeth look too short and that your smile is too “gummy”. Alternatively, your gums may cover too much of one tooth or not enough of another tooth, or just be right on others. Esthetic crown lengthening surgery is designed to remove excess gum tissue and sculpt the remaining gum tissues to provide you with a more harmonious, esthetic smile and appearance.

Crown Lengthening Surgery for Short or Broken Teeth prior to Crowns

In order to provide better retention for a proposed crown(s) or bridge(s), crown lengthening surgery is performed to reshape excess gum and bone in order to expose more natural tooth surface and provide better retention for the proposed crown(s).

Gum Grafting

Gum grafting surgery can reduce the risk of on-going gum recession and bone loss. In certain cases, gum grafting may be able to cover some root surface – which may reduce tooth sensitivity and the risk of tooth decay. Whether a gum graft is performed to improve function or esthetics, the patient may receive the benefit of both with an improved smile and improved periodontal health.

Impacted Tooth Exposures

Occasionally, tooth eruption may be delayed or halted for a number of reasons. Depending upon the case, the periodontist may be able to surgically expose a tooth in preparation for an orthodontist to move the teeth into a better functional and esthetic position.

Pre-Prosthetic or Pre-Orthodontic Periodontal Surgery

In cases of complex multi-disciplinary dentistry, the periodontist is often called upon to build up (gum grafting) the gum tissues or reshape the tissues in order to create healthy functional and esthetic gum tissues prior to, during or following complex orthodontic and prosthetic work. These procedures are performed to create a healthy periodontal base and attempt to reduce the risk of case complications.